Worinwell is our centralised dashboard, created to help track logged cases and their real time status. A one stop solution to confirming resource availability, procurement process and patient progress.

The tool is specifically created for the clients to have a user-friendly experience of logging in requests and getting real-time updates.

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  1. Patient Details
  2. Patient Name
  3. Age
  4. Gender
  5. Area/Location Address
  6. Symptoms
  7. SPO2 Level (Without Oxygen Support) latest reading taken when?
  8. Is the patient on oxygen support ?
  9. SPO2 Level (With Oxygen Support)
  10. Searching Hospital Bed Since when?
  11. Covid Test Done / not done
  12. Covid Result (+ve/-ve/Awaiting)
  13. CT Scan
  14. Prefer Govt/Pvt/Any Hospital
  15. Attendant Name & Mobile Number
  16. Relation to the Patient
  17. SRF ID
  18. BU (Karnataka requests)
  19. Blood group
  20. Comorbid conditions (Pre-existing ailments, if any) – Not known
  21. Requirement (eg. O2 bed, ICU bed, Ventilator etc.)
  22. Vaccinated
  23. Pictures of patient report and prescription
  24. Additional Details

The filled form will be stored in the dashboard under the patient’s name serving as a repository for complete history. It is editable and so will accept any changes in status or details as well.

Our case tracker will show you updates regarding the case and any change in details/ progress will be easily visible to you on the dashboard. For any further follow up you can contact our team leads through WhatsApp or at assigned email ID.

The requester may at any time ask us to close or reopen a case through mail or WhatsApp. This information will be updated on the Dashboard and will remain available within the case repository.

All patient information will be accessible only to requesters and admins and any colleagues that the requester chooses to add.

Any relevant information will be put up on the Dashboard itself and will be updated according to current protocol regularly.

The client would be having access to the official email address, contact details of POCs

Clinical summary, CT scan and a signed prescription are a few documents that help us find resources quicker. Any additional documents or information is welcome.

The team will respond back with an update in under 90 minutes.

While filling the request form you can provide any other additional info in the form itself or any specific requirement in the comment section

Any and all requests related to COVID relief can be put up. These may range from ambulance services, blood requirements, food delivery services to morgue/hearse services.

No. While the team uploads verified leads on bed availability, admissions can only take place after the concerned doctor of a hospital has reviewed the patient.

The dashboard has been designed to be user-friendly. However, in case you find any difficulty in understanding the know-how of the dashboard, you can look at the guide video that shows step by step instructions on the workflow, on the home page for your reference.

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